Course curriculum

  • 1

    About this course

    • Welcome

    • How to use this course

    • Aims and objectives of this course

    • About the Breaches course

  • 2

    Let's start by exploring everyday breaches and the GDPR

    • Sensible and simple ways to reduce everyday breaches

  • 3

    Section A: How to identify, report and record data breaches

    • Breach definition

    • A1. Identify breach scenarios

    • Types of personal data breaches

    • A2. Can you identify these different types of breaches?

    • Breach notification 

    • A3. Breach notification

    • Informing ICO

    • A4. Are these reportable breaches?

    • A5. What to send to ICO?

    • A6. A case study

  • 4

    Section B: Managing and reducing breaches

    • Security levels and measures

    • B1. Technical and organisational measures

    • Governance and accountability

    • B2. Key activities

    • Lawful Basis for Processing

    • B3. Do you know what they are?

    • Data sharing

    • An example of Data sharing

    • B4. Do you know what information you can release to enforcement agencies?

    • B5. True or false?

    • B6. Emails - a major source of data breaches

    • These are our suggestions!

    • B7. How well did you do?

    • B8. Consent

    • B9. The facts about consent

    • B10. Training and Awareness

  • 5

    Section C: Compliance review

    • Data Protection Audits

    • C1. Physical Audit of a Typical Classroom

    • Did you spot these?

    • C2. How well did you do?

    • C3. Physical Audit of a Typical School Office

    • Did you spot these?

    • C4. How well did you do?

  • 6

    Section D: Evaluation

    • D1. How well did you do throughout this course?

    • D2. Evaluate this course